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Heroes is a creative platform built for beer enthusiasts, who may be everyday people just like you and me. But through the co-creation of these delicious beers, they unleash the heroes within and share their greatness with the beer community.


Heroes Draught Beer

Captain Psykick Siesta Lager 城市守護者

Gold Medal in the Australian International Beer Award 2019

Dry Hopped American Pilsner / abv 5.2%


The Hero: 

The city has never been this safe before. Captain Psykick, the city's guardian, earned his people's trust when he single-handedly prevented two waves of nearly eighty attacks from the evil Strong Man tribe with his unique superpowers.


In his sleep, he crawls the minds of lurking villains and gets them to binge watch the most addictive TV series so they would naturally waste their lives away.


In preparation of the next villain soul sucker - the World Cup, Captain Psykick decides to supercharge it by brewing this malty and crushable Siesta Lager to keep the evil minded tardy and basically useless.


Si L Dan IPA 是L但IPA 隨心落酒花

Silver Medal in the Australian International Beer Award 2019

IPA beer / abv 6.7%

Si L Dan IPA is a collaboration with homebrewer's heaven HK Brewcraftin celebration of their 5th Anniversary. Making use of the spontaneous hopping "technique", this American I.5PA will give you a little extra fruity kick from not-sure-which hops.Perfect match with our Burgers!

Heroes Craft Beer

Hangry Donut 洛神花小麥啤

Gold Medal, Asia Beer Cup 2017

Silver Medal, AIBA 2019


American Wheat Beer | 5.1%

Hangry Donut was born with off the wall levels of goofiness. Over the years of hangrily battling the status quo during prohibition, she developed powers that can bring life to the most boring (aka beerless) objects at the touch of her finger tips. 
The good old American Wheat made with hibiscus, lactose and new hops for a whole lot of fun!

Hunk Sir 啡走黑啤

Silver Medal, AIBA 2017

American Porter | 5.8%

After years of unrelenting boozy experiments on the brew roof, mad scientist Hunk Sir finally produced this secret peacemaker potion which can turn the worst enemies into friends. 
This lactose coffee porter is a result of Hunk Sir’s work - turning coffee and porter into best friends.


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